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Rules / MUST READ \ Empty
PostSubject: Rules / MUST READ    Rules / MUST READ \ EmptyFri 7 Sep - 14:23

Because without rules there is anarchy, the following main areas:

- No texting, no troll or flood
- No racism, sexism and xenophobia. Your character can show a character to another, but no player player.
- No porrnogrr @ phye, ie no links or pictures poRRnos (Faults are not there for such time indexed)
- Be respectful to members and admins.
- Do not try to play crafty on the rules. We're cool here, but we also assume that you are responsible of your acts: what you have done is your responsability alone and you'll pay for it, even if it's not written in these rules.

To be clear, it is very generally everything that reaches the integrity of others. Here are some examples:

- Harassment: Whether you are a fan of someone or not, no one cares. If a person does not want to play / chat with you, remember to take a no as a no and leave him/her alone. The facts of harassment will be severely punished.

- Downs: What you did not like X or Y, it is YOUR opinion. It will ABSOLUTELY NOT tolerated attempts Lowering of another person, by posting anti-constructive and negative in respect of a person, whether of himself, his work or his PR with the intention of bringing people to your opinion, or any other mean.

- Intellectual Property: Except the "Key in Hand character sheet", you CAN NOT copy what another has produced, be it a story, a character or anything. Even if there is no label behind it is sometimes punishable by law and we are adamant about it.

You are mature enough to understand if what you are doing is right or wrong.

- The site is not a meeting place on the Internet, you are between consenting adults and I count on you to settle it between you without going through the chat.

Regarding the RP:
-We require a good level, 6 lines remain the minimum tolerated, but we encourage you to do more, all those small posts will end up making prejudice on you, sometimes labeling you as "lazy" and people will come to play with you much less often.
- No double-post
- Try to make the most of the characters who have 15 years minimum, lolicon is banned
- No explicit avatars. Only the texts remain. How do you make you want to seduce your character if it is already fully naked on his avatar? You are free choice, but avoid nudity, it is more interesting as it not?
Other than that? Nothing.

Yes, nothing. I do not know if you've been on other RPG forum, but they often say astonishing things like "A topic at a time, not more than two accounts, your character must have a name and a surname, do not post to make adult stuff only, etc etc "

This forum is open to all those who have a good level but are frustrated by these rules, and who can't satisfy their desires. So do as much about the same time as you want (we understand that it happens later anyway) and create as many accounts as you want. However, keep in mind this.

-For all that you arrange forced relationship with your partner beforehand MP, if you are involved in a relationship that you do not want, simply stop responding to the topic.

- When creating another account, don't forget to notice who your main account is. People who come to play as a "fake new member" may be punished!

Go read the "Races" topic and you can go make a character sheet.
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Rules / MUST READ \
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