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 Story (of the forest)

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Date d'inscription : 2012-09-07

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PostSubject: Story (of the forest)   Story (of the forest) EmptySat 8 Sep - 23:38

Once upon a time, in the terrible netherworld, lived a archdemoness queen named Saidra. She was not the only queen of this gigantic world of course and her kingdom was not one of the biggest but she was well knew by all the others demons for her very original medicine for ennemies: From long generations and generations, her family always used one and only one way to punish, humiliate or torture someone:

The old fashionned spanking.

First mocking at that, the ennemies or even members of the family found very fast that receive a spanking is not something someone can handle easily: humiliating, long, childish and painfull, each people receiving it quickly begged to be killed that to receive this punishment one more second....knowing that the victims could receive it for days without any stop.

The queen Saidra had to be proud. Rich, powerfull, beautifull and owning an original family medicine, she became a real star and a lot of demon searched to marry her....but the archdemoness always refused. She wanted create a very unique child. More powerfull, hable to raise up the family pride higher and, why not, enlarge the kingdom....

It's with a human prisonner, a paladin, those knight who learned holy magics, that the archdemoness had it. A new child, a daughter, that she named: Mina.

No details on "how' the queen Saidra did with this paladin but her daughter was there....she killed the "father" some days later.

In all that perfect plan, here's one thing that the Archdemoness didn't expected: Born from a human and, more than that, someone holy-skilled, Mina the young demoness got something terrible for a demon: a spark of kindness.

Soon, the Archdemoness mother discover that her daughter refused to kill, torture or do something irreversible against someone. She had her family skill to give terrific spankings...but never, she killed someone.

The queen Saidra, only knowing the hard way to make her point, spanked, scolded and beated her own daughter to make her change, but that one, years after years, centauries after centauries, only became a teenaged demoness, more and more rebellious.

...And one day....Saidra decided that her daughter had to learn her lesson the hardest way. In despite of her love to her daughter, she decided, officialy, to ban Mina from the castle, the kingdom....and even from the netherworld.....Mina now, was send to a cold human forest, where paladins can get her easily, to learn the cold, the fear and obediance to elder demons...

Years passed and the cold forest soon became the terrible "Forbidden forest" where all intruder came back traumatised....sometimes blushing in terrible shame, sometimes crying, sometimes furious and screaming revenge....

Strangers, be warned before entering in this forest. Noone is too old for a spanking from a rebellious young demoness....
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Story (of the forest)
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