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 In-depth FAQ

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Q: What is Karma for ?

Karma is a "voting" system that allows you to vote a player for its RP. You like what he wrote ? Vote for him! It makes it easier to show who is appreciated among the players, but also warns less good player of their problems. You can vote someone for a roleplay or a character sheet. You can only vote once every hour.

Q: I wanna play a celebrity character (example: Naruto), is it possible?

A: Yes. However, you may retain their original psychology and looks, you CAN'T copypaste their story. You must adapt their story and adventures to the world of this forum, as well as its story (Sorry for you, there is no ninja village of Konoha around here!)

Q: I wanna play a celebrity character, but it's already taken...

A: No problem ! As long as you change the name a bit (we don't want Naruto 1, Naruto 2, Naruto 3, right?) and it's story from the "first" one, everything is alright !

Lore-related questions

Q: How many people know Mina ?

A: Actually, pretty much all around Marin-Basin, it's surroundings, the Church and the entire Netherworld.

Q: What are the Church of the Dragon Order religion?

A: It's a monotheist religion very likewise to Catholicism. They prone the Dragon God, which is said to have created the world with his scales, enveloped it with clouds formed from his breath, took his own flesh to give birth to humans, then he roared the fire of the sun and illuminated the night with the shine of his remaining scales.

They praise the Dragon as the only one God, and angels are his messenger that descend upon the earth to take away the passing as they will go back to the Dragon God. The Church is very influent pretty much everywhere.

Q : What is the technological level of the world ?

A: Mostly...Mixed. The countryside is very medieval/heroic fantasy, as they live in small villages with the help of magic and medieval technology. Appledale and Silver Sky however looks much closer to our modern time, as they have cars, TV, ect, but they run through steam technology and techmaturgy (mixed technology and magic). The city of Vendecentre, however, is even more developed, with futuristic technology.

Q: What are the current politics between different states?

- Silver Sky is a giant amusement park built with a building permit from Appledale, and Appledale is trying negociations with Vendecentre so they can extend their power over it. However, Vendecentre is extremely reluctant and became almost paranoid and xenophobic.

- Marin Basin is an independent village.

- Schwarvald Academy is independent too, however they serve also as an outpost for the Church, in secret.

Question : What is the universal currency?

The usual; copper, silver, and gold.

10 copper makes 1 silver,
10 silver makes 10 gold.

A peasant gains 2 gold coins f interest per year if he worked throughout the year and he has eaten and drunk his fill. A servant gains about 10 pieces of gold a year and a noble collects the rents of a land he owns from 1000 to 5000 gold coins

-A pint of beer cost two pieces of copper.
-A good meal costs 5 copper coins, same for food for a week.
The peasant-clothes cost a 2 pieces of silver, clothes cost a normal 5 pieces of silver. Noble clothing range from 10 to 50 gold coins.
-A stair or tool costing 5 pieces of silver.
-A weapon costing 10 to 70 pieces of gold.
-A weapon forged by a blacksmith renowned; above prices will be multiplied by 5 to 10.
-A gourmet meal for noble will count the 5 gold per participant.
-A guild will pay 100 gold a band of adventurers to track down a group of bandits or monsters.
-Raising an army costs 100 000 pieces of gold.
-The construction of a small palace cost 800,000 gold coins
-A luxury slave (Virgin and beautiful) can be priced to 100,000 gold pieces, the price is multiplied by 5 if the slave is a demon.

Q: What are doing Demons and Angels in the human world?

A: Angels are seeking after the demons to destroy them and backtrack a passageway to the Netherworld to invade them. Demons break into the Human world to flee from the Netherworld or search after Saidra to take her title.
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In-depth FAQ
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